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S&S Consultants B.V. provides a range of services in financial, tax and business consulting, especially in India, Caribean and South America. S&S Consultants B.V. is active on tree continents, Netherlands/Europe, Caribean and South America. This reach enables it to offer unique services to multinational and smaller companies alike.

In the global market, S&S Consultants B.V. is very much aware of the importance and influence of cultural differences and the importance of understanding local business practices as well as the global trends.

By being a bridge between cultures, S&S Consultants B.V. can be an important intermediate in international relations for companies in their drive to expand their business. Knowledge of different cultures helps S&S Consultants to avoid miscommunication, ensure smooth negotiations and lay the base for long term cooperation.

S&S Consultancy recognises companies run the risk of wasting their precious time and investment if they do not take account of the diverse business cultures they meet. With our help managers can actually do more: They are betters intercultural communiccators, they can negotiate more effectively, they can run multicultural teams more successfully.

S&S Consultants also acts as a sounding board for new business in these two dynamic economies, The Netherlands and India. We can actively look for interesting opportunities for our clients in making informed choices about the possibilities that present themselves. While pursuing the opportunities, S&S Consultant scan assist its clients by liaising with local governmental agencies, finding the right local legal representation, accountants, etcetera, as well as local business partners.

S&S Consultants recognises that each client and each problem has its own challenges and issues. Our solutions are therefore tailored to our clients specific circumstances, drawing on the deep cultural and industry insights of our consultants. Our relationships with clients are characterised by respect, flexibility and collaboration, and we pride ourselves on the speed of our response and the dedication of our people.

S&S consultants brings a unique combination of business consulting skills, cultural affinity and sector expertise to deliver practical results with speed, objectivity and insight. We help our clients to develop optimum strategies for entry into the Indian or the Netherlands markets.

S&S consultants works for organisations of every size from helping first time importers and exporters, to well established multinationals who need advise on specific cultural and business issues as they arise.

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